WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium – Sales Go Higher & Higher

As a store owner, we have to cater to different kinds of customers who arrive at our online store. There can different demands and requirements of the users. As the store owner, we normally cater to retail customers as well as wholesale customers. While retail customers are always important, the ones who buy the products in large quantities often need more attention. Since they invest more in our products through their purchase, we as a store owner always try to offer some customized solutions for them.

Through this amazing plugin called WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium, we are trying to woo our wholesale customers by providing them amazing experience while they shop on the platform.

However, there is a small catch! Before you can take off your business with this amazing plugin, you will have to make sure you install our WooCommerce Wholesale Prices (Free Plugin). The free version of the plugin has a number of useful features that can sky-rocket sales.

Using this free plugin, the owner can add an additional role aimed at wholesale customers. All you have to do is, select the role as Wholesale Customer.

And then we have another feature that allows you to set a different set of pricing for the wholesale customers. When you go to edit the product, you can see “Wholesale Customer ($)”, this is where you can put a different amount/rate which will be visible to the wholesale customers only.


Now, that’s what the free version of the plugin offers! Pretty exciting, isn’t it! Imagine what the premium version of the plugin will do. Well, MAGIC!

So, here’s the thing! Let’s take an example. You have customer X who makes a purchase in wholesale and at every transaction, the minimum bill is $10,000. Now, you have customer Y. Well, he has a bit expanded business and his minimum bill at the store is over $100,000. Now, you would surely want to treat customer Y with some added features, won’t you?

That’s where the WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium plugin comes into the picture. It allows you to make different groups of wholesale customers. And every group of wholesale customers will see different pricing.

How do we offer the pricing with the premium plugin? The more you buy, the more discount you get. This is one of the sales mantras all over the world. However, with our free plugin, this was not possible. And that pain point has been taken care of by our WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium plugin. The plugin will allow you to put percentages and quantity-based pricing for the customers.


The premium plugin offers one more interesting feature. So, there is a product which you are not offering to the wholesale customer or maybe doesn’t want it. But when he arrives at the store, he can see those products and that might put them off. Why should I see something which I don’t want, right? With this premium plugin, we have a feature where you can manage the visibility of the product for your wholesale customers.


Now, let’s talk about another interesting aspect! We have been giving so many things to our wholesale customers, right? Added features, discounts, and what not! So, we deserve something too right? How about setting a minimum order requirement feature for the wholesale customers. Well, this premium plugin will allow you to do that.


Right! These are a few of the important and useful features we are providing with this premium plugin. More than enough for you to jump in and make the purchase of the plugin. What will this do? Well, the sales will pretty much go over the roof. All we will say is, WooCommerce Wholesale Prices Premium does the magic and as WooCommerce store owner, you should get it installed right away!


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